The kayak tour”La Platja Llarga de Vilanova” allows us to discover the coast and seafront of Vilanova i la Geltrú, from the Trajo de Garbi to the “Platja Llarga”, closer  Cubelles.  The tour is for start learning the technical and sport of kayak and his world; This activity is carried out in sit on tops kayaks in which all people can participate and it can also be done with sea kayaks, by the most adventurous people.

Before the excursion there will be an lesson of the paddling technique and the different concepts and knowledge of kayaking, both safety and technique to enjoy the tour at all times.

The excursion is carried out in an ideal area to start nautical activities and kayaking in the sea, both with open and sea kayaks (sit in), due to the typology of the beaches and the usual state of the sea, almost always a level of the waves and the wind, thanks to the breakwaters of the Port of Vilanova and the breakwater of the Pasífae.

During the route, apart from learning to paddle, we will be able to enjoy the views of different places in Vilanova and enjoy birds such as the Kentish Plover, terns, mallards, gulls, white maples, cormorants, among others that we found thanks to the naturalization of the Torrent de Sant Joan and area.

We will go along the seafront, the Ribes Roges beach, the point of departure and return, passing through the central breakwater where we will see the sculpture of the Pasifae, made by local artist Oscar Estruga, interpreting the story of the Pasifae from the mythology of the ancient Greece, we will arrive at the Adarró Beach where the Iber de Adarró nucleus is located, we will continue to pay for costs passing in front of the majestic Nin Village, a modernist house that is on a hill between the beaches of the Republic, and Sant Gervasi Beach, we will continue the route until we reach the Punta de Sant Gervasi and the Rincón de Santa Lucía, passing through some hidden cove and we will continue shoveling to the Long Beach (“platja llarga), passing through the submerged bunker of the war, in the Long Beach we will pause with a relaxing bath. And then we return little by little enjoying a calm and relaxing paddle the base from where we start the tour.


Objectives of the Activity:  

  •  Start into the world of kayaking and water sports.

  • Learn the technique of paddle of the sea kayaking and drive the kayak.

  • Enjoy the sights and physical activity with family and friends in kayak
  • Know and see the seafront of Vilanova and Platja Llarga from the sea.   

General Information: 

  • Meeting Point:  Base Cota Zero a la Platja de Ribes Roges
  • Location:
  • Calendar: Spring to autumn
  • Duration: 2:30-3 hours.
  • Ages: from 8 years old
  • Level: Initiation
  • Timetable :  morning better, is possible at afternoon too.
  • Information and Contact: Phone 938145019


    What is it included:

    • Instructor/guide.
    • Insurance.
    • Juice or water for the stop
    • Suc i aigua per la parada
    • Equipment rent (kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid)
    • Locker place  for personal belongings.

    What do you need to bring:  

    • Thermal shirt, lycra or sport t-shirt that can get wet and dry fast.
    • Swimsuit or pants that can get wet.
    • Closed shoes or sandals that can get wet (old sneakers, crocs, surf shoes, etc.)
    • Dry clothes and a towel to change clothes after finish the activity.
    • If you wear glasses, some band or strap to hold them and don’t them.
    • Sunscreen,, cap and water or something to drink..
    •  Sunglasses with band to hold them. 




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