Level IV Technification and Safety Course

Development of the technification course:

  • Level evaluation
  • Strokes
  • Variety of strokes: Efficient forward paddling, circular, back, side strokes, rudders (Stern and bow rudder)…
  • Edging and leaning
  • Supports and types: Pressure, suspension. Static and dynamics
  • Rescues in deep water: self rescue, assisted rescue, paddle float, cowboy, Eskimo rescue …
  • Moving sideways, both static and on the move
  • Supporting, both static and on the move
  • Kayak rack or roof rack, using straps or rope
  • Rolling
  • Contact tows and use of towline.
  • Safety
  • Rescue protocols
  • Bank-based rescues
  • Coach a swimmer to shore
  • Rescue a swimmer with a rigid aid
  • Rescue a swimmer using a throw line
  • Boat-based rescues
  • Rescue a swimmer from the water
  • Rescue a capsized paddler using a deep water rescue
  • Rescue an unconscious or entrapped paddler from their boat
  • Use of towlines
  • Self-rescue
  • All-in rescue






Access to this course requires prior experience in sea kayaking.