Level III Improvement Course

Level III course is for people who want to learn more complex techniques and paddles for have maximum autonomy and safety.

It is recommended to have experience in kayak tours, trips, activities and autonomy.


  • Be able to drive the kayak with a circular and stop- brake paddle.
  • Efficient reverse paddling and stopping.
  • Maintaining direction.
  • Changing direction.
  • Moving sideways, both static and on the move.
  • Supporting, both static and on the move.
  • To learn to use the low pressure and high static suspension pressure and dynamic.
  • Be able to use the prow and stern rudders and to move around using the different paddle for moving sideways: zigzag, 8, traction paddle and lateral paddle.
  • Integrate all the paddles and techniques into a trip, tour or in a activity.
  • Know and practice Deep-water rescue



Vilanova i Sitges


Access to this course requires prior experience in sea kayaking.