Level II Initiated Course

The second level course is a course designed for those who have completed the first level course or who have the basic knowledge that they want to improve their paddle technique.

They want to be more self-sufficient and they want to increase their knowledge paddles, supports and more technique and security.

The objectives and contents of the second course are:


  • To learn and know the technique of paddle and its phases.
  • To internalize the paddle mechanics.
  • Be able to react to imbalances by using the pressure support.
  • To internalize the sensation and the limits of the balance of the paddler-kayak system.
  • Experimented the evidence of food and knee pressure and connectivity.
  • Conduction of the kayak with edging o leaning.
  • Be able to apply the conduction and the integrated navigation of the paddler-kayak system.
  • Know the basic guidelines for performing a self rescue with shovel float or cowboy.


  • Lifting, carrying, launching and landing Efficient forward paddling.
  • Efficient reverse paddling and stopping.
  • Steering and controlling the boat.
  • Maintaining direction.
  • Changing direction.
  • Moving sideways, both static and on the move.
  • Supporting, both static and on the move.
  • Low brace. Edging without losing balance.
  • Drive the kayak with edging or leaning.
  • Capsize and self-rescue.
  • Self rescue with deep-sea shovel float.
  • Deep-water rescue.
  • Cowboy rescue


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Vilanova i Sitges


Initiation course for everyone, you can use changing rooms
Bring spare clothing, water, towel …