Level I Begginer Kayak Course

The level I course is a course designed for people who want to start in the world of sea kayak.

For this initiation course is not necessary experience

The objectives and contents of this course are:


  • To know the material used in kayaking and its maintenance.
  • To know the different types of kayaks and their origin.
  • To carry kayak, boarding and landing and transport the kayak on beaches without waves; make the tile effective, move with autonomy. To learn and practice paddling propulsion stressing the torso rotation, the attack phase, the pulling phase and the exit phase.
  • Drive the kayak using the different strokes and paddles. Be able to perform an assisted rescue. Learn how to clear the kayak in the water and on the ground.
  • To learn to regulate the kayak and to know the paddling position.
  • To learn to do the propulsion paddle effective.
  • To lead the kayak with sweep stroke and reverse sweep stroke stressing the torso rotation. Capsize and be rescued.
  • To rescue a fellow in deep waters.
  • Learn to empty the kayak to the water and the ground.


  • Knowledge of the parts of the kayak and the material that we will use.
  • Effective propulsion paddle. Stopping the craft whilst moving forwards.
  • Turning the craft.
  • Moving the craft sideways.
  • Going forwards in a straight line.
  • Driving shovel with circular shovel and braking shovel.
  • Take, board and land on the beach without waves.
  • To rescue a fellow in deep waters





Vilanova i Sitges


Initiation course for everyone, you can use changing rooms
Bring spare clothing, water, towel …