Classic passive recesser also known as “kickstand”, suitable for horizontal fissures and slightly open holes. The invention of the climber Greg Lowe in 1973 has always been present in the mountaineer’s backpack, being now the object of a new double evolution to make it even more manageable and efficient, and above all to incorporate for the first time the possibility of position passive, which allows three different positioning in a single product. Camp technicians have found a way to naturally harden the sling to facilitate the position of the tool without compromising operation as active protection. They have extended the triple sling layer closer to the head of the Tricam, through a new seam design; In this way, being close to the head, the sling is not only stiffer but also more resistant against sharp edges.

– Wide versatility.
– 3 positioning possibilities: one as active cam and 2 different as passive block; they work where no other is adequate (Example: holes and pockets).
– With hardened sling through a new seam, for easier positioning with just one hand.
– All with certificate: CE-UIAA.
– Available in four sizes.

Data according to the measures:
Tricam evo 0.25 – Black: Weight: 17 g. Opening range: 13.5 – 23 mm. Resistance: 6kN.
Tricam evo 0.5 – Rosa: Weight: 29 g. Opening range: 17 – 27 mm. Resistance: 9kN.
Tricam evo 1 – Red: Weight: 37 g. Opening range: 21 – 32 mm. Resistance: 10kN.
Tricam evo 2 – Brown: Weight: 57 g. Opening range: 27 – 40 mm. Resistance: 14kN.