Very close to Marrakech is the imposing Toubkal mountain massif, which constitutes the heart of the Western High Atlas. In these majestic mountains, both the hiker, the mountaineer or the climber will find an ideal terrain to carry out their projects, touring the peaceful valleys dotted with traditional Berber villages or the sharp edges and rugged volcanic rock walls of the high peaks of the massif of the Toubkal.

This guide proposes, in fact, all those activities that can be carried out in the geographical area of ​​the Toubkal and Tazaghârt circuses, where all the four-thousandths of the Atlas are concentrated, except for the distant M’Goum. Among its pages you will find from the most classic trekkings that cross the Toubkal, to the numerous mountaineering routes that include climbing on ridges and ridges, rock routes and ascents on snow and ice.

The routes described in this guide include activities that are carried out throughout the year, on one side or the other, and even on both. Choosing the time of year that we most want is up to us.

ISBN: 9788498291414
Editorial: Ediciones Desnivel
Edition date: 2008
Place of edition: Madrid.
Edition number: 1st
Collection: Climbing Guides
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Page Number: 160
Languages: Spanish
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