New edition that includes 56 more pages and many new sectors and routes. Specifically, the Siurana, Montsant and Margalef areas have been expanded. In total, the guide contains about 3,800 tracks. This second edition is not a simple reprint, it has worked to update all sectors, with new moles and full-color photos.

Sport climbing guide of the province of Tarragona that includes the schools of La Riba, Els Cogullons, El Penitent, Mont-Ral, La Mussara, Vilanova de Prades, Siurana, Arbolí, Montsant, Margalef, Llaberia and Tivissa. Published in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and Catalan) and made by Pete O’Donovan and the climber Dani Andrada, it presents some of the most extensive areas (for example, Siurana) divided into different ‘subzones’ to simplify the explanations on how to get there to the different sectors.

Each zone (school) reviewed in the guide has an introduction that gives information on the type of climbing, best season and approaches. Maps and panoramic photographs give general information on how to approach the area. For those with GPS, they also provide the coordinates of the car parks (WGS 84 system).

The information about the sectors -orientation, approximation time, difficulty and inclination of the wall- is indicated by a pictogram. Most of the tracks are drawn in the photography reviews and lines of different colors have been used. The roads are listed in tables showing the number (as it appears on the topo), name, length in meters and difficulty (French graduation). It includes information about connections and combinations of roads and a box to mark the chained roads.

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