Primus Eta Express




Cooking system is the Swedish company’s PRIMUS – the new light and compact model of the Eta series, liquefied gas. Due to the heat exchanger, the PRIMUS Eta Express ™ system is very economical. The kit includes a gas burner with piezo igniter, windshield and a 1 liter kettle with lid and heat exchanger. The lid can be used as a frying pan. The pot and lid are equipped with a three-layer non-stick coating, which significantly improves the performance characteristics of the dishes. The complete kit, as well as a gas cylinder of 230 grams, can be packed directly inside the pot, which makes this model very compact. The kit includes a bag made of synthetic material.

Power KW: 2.4
Cylinder type: Threaded
Weight g .: 418
Size: 115 x 140 mm