Issue number: 1st
Collection: Literature nº 107
Binding: Rustic with flap
Dimensions: 14 cm x 21 cm
Nº Page: 288
Languages: Spanish

Walter Bonatti and Reinhold Messner occupy a privileged place in the history of mountaineering. Two great climbers who, due to unfortunate circumstances and despite the great respect they professed, stayed away for many years. In 2004, their first meeting took place, which marked the beginning of a belated but fraternal friendship.
Walter Bonnati. My brother in the soul establishes a parallelism between the lives of both climbers through different narrative records: the chronicle of what happened the long night of July 30 to 31, 1954 in K2, in which Walter Bonatti was on the verge of dying and that, a posteriori, marked all his life as a climber and as a man; the biography of Bonatti, reconstructed in a novel form by Sandro Filippini with the help of documents of the time and direct testimonies; finally, the first-person account of Messner, who comments on the vicissitudes of his friend as an alpinist and as a person and confronts them with his own.
Impress the lucidity and the extraordinary honesty of Reinhold Messner, who with this moving testimony is undressed as perhaps he had never done it before. Bonatti dies in 2011 at 81 years of age, a year after receiving recognition of the Golden Piolet throughout his career. Messner with this book pays tribute to the climber, but above all to the man who turned the summits into a school of honesty.
With a prologue by Sebastián Álvaro.