The LUNA harness adapts to the female morphology. Designed for technical mountaineering, traditional climbing or long itineraries, the harness is equipped with adjustable legs to adapt to any climber, in summer and winter. The padded leg loops and belt ensure maximum comfort, without hindering freedom of movement. The five material loops allow to carry all the necessary equipment for a progression in ice or rock, facilitating access to the material during the effort.

  • Adapted to the morphology of women:
    – More curvature in the belt to better support the lumbar area.
    – Distance legs-belt suitable for a better placement on the hips.
    – Relationship legs-waist contour adapted to female morphology.
    – Adjustable legs with DOUBLEBACK buckles to adapt to different morphologies and clothes according to the season.
  • It is comfortably worn:
    – Padded belt and leg.
    – Wide belt that offers a comfortable support.
    – Construction ENDOFRAME Technology that allows an excellent distribution of the load.
  • Ability to carry a large amount of material:
    – Two rings very large material, front, rigid to carry a lot of material and facilitate the carabiner and dessembling of the carabiners.
    – Two material, rear, flexible rings that carry the material forward and are compatible with carrying the backpack on.
    – A large rear center material storage ring to store the gathering material, footwear or specific material.
    – Compatible with the CARITOOL EVO tool holder.
    – A rear ring for a lifting rope.

Materials: polyamide, polyester, EVA, polyurethane, aluminum and high tenacity polyethylene
Certifications: CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA
The harness is served with a carrying bag and protection


References C035AA00 C035AA01 C035AA02 C035AA03
Colors Violet Violet Violet Violet
Sice XS S M L
Waistline 65-71 cm 71-77 cm 77-84 cm 84-92 cm
Thigh contour 46-56 cm 51-61 cm 54-64 cm 56-66 cm
Weight 440 g 470 g 495 g 525 g
Waranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
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