LÍNIES DE SOMNIS per Ester Sabadell

In this book we find the articles that Ester Sabadell has published, since 2012 and over seven years, in the magazine Vèrtex. They talk about very varied topics, but always with the background of the mountain and nature. The author states that: “When we contemplate a pure landscape, without human pollution, we perceive a lot of sensations that are a reflection of our emotional state.” In these texts we find above all ideas, questions, reflections on the current world, analyzed from the highest peaks, in order to find answers.

Lisi Roig is in charge of drawing Esther’s words. The two climbers and especially nature lovers have tried to convey in the simplest way these values that the mountain has provided them.

“I choose destinations with vertical walls, with routes that attract me, mountainous landscapes that offer me lines of dreams… And I really don’t think I’m looking for anything else.” (Ester Sabadell).