La virtud en la montaña d’en Pablo Batalla Cueto



Today, the humanist army captive and disarmed, the utilitarian troops reach their final military objectives. Margaret Thatcher wins battles after death and less and less happens, as Montaigne wanted, that it is to enjoy, and not to possess, which makes us happy. This apotheosis is wasting everything, and it is also taking over the practice of mountaineering.

Today, for example, as mountain clubs decrease in membership, they see their members’ average age increase dramatically and they despair of attracting young sap that guarantees their survival, these same young people crowd mountain marathons that, they often receive several thousand applications for just a few tens or hundreds of places. The runners have taken over the roads and the great natural spaces: competition is all about these days; not to stop doing it at any time; from even leisure to business.

It is against that mountaineering Thatcherism that this trial stands up and in defense of a slow mountaineering, because in the wake of Juanjo Garbizu’s Slow Mountain manifesto, he endorses the conviction that nothing good has ever been achieved quickly and running, that only in the semantic field of patience is reached humanistic excellence and that speed ruins and idiotic.

Also illustrated, because it is not this hasty mountaineering that seeking the quenching of the senses renounces the learning that is obtained through them; that does not seek to know, but that they know it; who does not dare to know, because he does not dare to stop or renounce the equivocal laurels of sports success. And also anti-capitalist, because only such can be the full, sincere exercise of these principles that collide incidentally with those that animate and sustain the tyranny of capital.

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