Current mountaineering cannot be understood without the contribution of its pioneers, and Jordi Pons was, without a doubt, one of them. We present, in the first person, a journey through the different chapters of his life in this autobiography that will allow the reader to know in depth his adventures throughout the planet, and to discover how the complex world of mountaineering was developed. altitude at the time.

The first mountain book that fell into the hands of Jordi Pons was Montañas de mi juventud. Its author, Arnold Lunn, said that the most beautiful station in the world was London, as it was where train tickets were sold for “Paradise”. For this illustrious mountaineer, Paradise was the Alps.

Jordi Pons discovered this “Paradise” in 1957, although he did not go by train like Arnold Lunn, but with his Vespa, a scooter that did not slow down during the day and did not light at night. . Little could I imagine that a trip to Chamonix would be the beginning of an alpinist climb that would climb it, a few years later, the three most charismatic north walls of the Alps, namely the Cervino, the Eiger and the Great Jorasses, ascents that were viewed with great respect in the sixties, because not all the strings that tried were good.

His mountaineering activity did not stop in the Alps, and together with teammates from the Muntanyenc Barcelonés Club they made the jump to the Andes, to the Hindu Kush and to the Himalayas, where they reached milestones like the northeastern edge of the nevado Huascarán Sud, the Histor-O-Nal or the Annapurna Est, unpublished ascents that were a before and after in the history of the mountaineering, not only Catalan but also state, since for the first time they were surpassed the six thousand, seven thousand and eight thousand meters altitude.

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