Grivel Air Tech Evolution


Avalaible in HAMMER and adze

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Grivel Air Tech Evolution shovel ice ax with hot forged head in one-piece alloy steel, chrome and molybdenum.

Without a doubt, a sure value for the practice of classic mountaineering and mountain skiing. This model allows a better anchorage in all types of terrain thanks to the curve of the handle under the head, the straight lower part ensures that it penetrates in all types of snows also adding a steel spike.

The head is made of forged steel in one piece to obtain the highest resistance and durability, without a doubt this head has created a school among the other ice ax models and brands and even today it is still one of the best designed in the world.
Type 1 ice ax (use in mountaineering and trekking for progression through terrain with snow or non-technical ice).
Handle resistance 270 Kg.
Slightly curved handle for easy gluing, hitting or hooking.
It incorporates a classic pointed tip and its grip finished with two non-slip pieces prevent the ice ax from slipping out of our hands while offering the minimum resistance to nail the ice ax in the snow.
UIAA 152 approved.
Approximate weight of 450 g.