by Maurizio Zanolla Manolo

ISBN: 9788498294514
Editorial: Ediciones Desnivel
Issue date: 2019
Place of edition: Madrid.
Edition number: 1st
Collection: Literature nº 151
Binding: Paperback with flap
Dimensions: 15 cm x 23 cm
Page Number: 272
Languages: Spanish
Subjects: / Mountain Literature / Mountain (Spanish)

Maurizio Zanolla, known as Manolo, is the most famous solo-integral climber in Italy. Pioneer of free climbing, in this book he reveals his experiences between the 70s and 80s, a sample of the most significant, most intense and most moving experiences of a life in search of balance. When life was hanging from their hands and they really seemed immortal.

In these pages he recounts in first person how he chose to face the walls freeing himself from everything, until he reached climbing without rope, driven by the conviction that the quality of the trip is more important than the goal, and that each objective must carry implicit a form of compromise.

The family, the affections, the experiences of youth, the friends of the first climbs, the routes, often open alone and alone, the attempt to conquer the eight thousand meters of the Manaslu, even climbing masterpieces such as Eternit or Il mattino dei maghi, Maurizio Zanolla traces the first years between the seventies and the eighties, of one of the greatest Italian and international climbers.

The history of impossible routes and enormous commitments, of barely leaving storms and falling in the middle of the void. Surviving seemed like a complicated undertaking. Wander, travel, life in every sip of air. But no one could have robbed them of the great moments they spent up there, as they ran lightly between earth and sky.

«I did not go to the mountain to die. He was going to live, immersed in the beauty of nature, far from social contamination, suffocating certainties and false assurances. It was there that I wanted to be at that moment of my life, to chase dreams and uselessness, ever lighter. He had chosen an adventurous existence and assumed responsibility, without appraisals, ends, shortcuts or impositions, and without reproach. Feeling, rather, more and more alive. I was not climbing to enter the history of mountaineering, but only to explore unknown worlds inside and outside of me, to see what I was capable of. I was free as the wind, and perhaps I have never lived the present in such an intense way.

ITAS Prize for the Book of Montagna 45th edition, in the category of best non-narrative work

XXXVI Gambrinus Mazzotti Prize; mountaineering sezione

Sportivo letter prize “Memo Geremia” della Città di Padova