Issue number: 2nd
Collection: Literature nº 128
Binding: Rustic with flap
Dimensions: 15 cm x 23 cm
No. Page: 392
Languages: Spanish

The singular life of the great climber Kurt Diemberger has elapsed between the line that delimits the face of the earth and the line that marks the limit of the sky, the strip that runs between zero and eight thousand meters. Mountaineer, photographer and filmmaker is the only living mountaineer who has in his record the first ascent of two eight-thousanders -Broad Peak and Dhaulagiri-. But above all, he is a tireless seeker of beauty.

This autobiographical book tells us a good part of her mountain life. Diemberger groups his memories into chapters with the narrative pulse of a good storyteller. The mountain is the protagonist, but it brings us closer to each of them with humor, mystery, surprise, love, loss, ridicule … a collection of feelings and also images that will spring from each of his words and his photographs.

With this new edition – forty-two years after its publication for the first time in Spain – we want to recover one of the great classics of mountain literature. In the words of Diemberger himself, “is the book of my youth. I wrote it thinking that I was not going to write another one, that’s why I put all my heart and my ideas in it. I am very satisfied and I consider it my best book ».

Kurt Diemberger, born in Austria on March 16, 1932, left very early his career as a teacher to devote himself fully to the mountain. Over three decades he has made more than twenty expeditions to the mountain ranges of Asia, has risen to six eight thousand, and worked as a photographer and camera operator. He is the only living mountaineer who has in his record with the first ascent of two mountains of eight thousand meters. His great alpine career made him worthy in 2013 of the prestigious Piolet d’Or. His books and films have been awarded numerous internationally renowned prizes. Today he continues to travel the world in search of the most spectacular corners of the world and giving lectures.