ANETO, Paraiso del Pirineo Aragonés



New and exhaustive guide on the area of ​​the highest peak in the Pyrenees, the Aneto, this guide describes the Maladetas massif, a mass that orbits around Pico Aneto, with a large accumulation of peaks of 3000 meters.

The Aneto massif, with its 3,404 meters above sea level, is one of the most visited places by all mountaineers. Their normal routes of ascent are frequently traveled, but there are also other routes of ascent that allow the mountaineer, climber and mountaineer to travel other more beautiful ascent lines if possible. This guide shows practically all the routes of ascent to the summits of the Aneto and Maladeta massif, including Aneto peak and back, Tempestades, Margalida, Rusell, Coronas, maldito, Maladeta and many others. The author, Joan Miquel Dalmau is an experienced mountaineer and a great connoisseur of the area, he provides us with all the necessary information to make ascents, relying on sketches, photographs and his own comments. In short, a book that will help us explore and estimate this great area of ​​the Aragonese Pyrenees, seeing landscapes from other perspectives and other environments.

This Guide describes up to 250 ascents of both snow, rock and mixed, and ice that includes sketches on a color photo as well as other information on the routes, the meters of the routes, degrees by length and various recommendations such as the material,. .

Author: Joan Miquel Dalmau
ISBN: 9788409163939
Publisher: Aéreo new alpin
Edition date: 2020
Edition number: 1st
Binding: Rustic
Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm
Number of Pages: 392