Winter mountaineering is the highest expression of mountaineering. It is developed in a demanding and hostile environment where a broader background of training and experience is needed, since for progression and security, the mountaineer needs to put into practice all the techniques to move around rock, snow or ice, and know all the dangers that lie in wait to try to avoid them. It is therefore necessary to learn the basics of mountaineering in kinder summer environments before undertaking serious adventures in high winter mountains.

This manual covers the techniques to progress effectively and safely through snow, ice and mixed. Both the text and the illustrations focus on a simple and clear description of how to develop and optimize them to get the most out of both the latest technique and material. Knowing the environment and its dangers is another of the essential contents, especially in the face of the most difficult dangers to identify, such as avalanches and crevices hidden in glaciers. Finally, there is a call for caution, realistic planning, and decision-making tools, since unfortunate decisions are the main cause of problems and accidents.

* High mountain
* Material and equipment
* Snow climbing
* Ice climbing
* Descent
* Graduation of difficulty
* High mountain hazards
* Choice of objectives and decision making
* Accidents

ISBN: 9788498294477
Editorial: Ediciones Desnivel
Issue date: 2019
Place of edition: Madrid.
Edition number: 1st
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