Carbon FL foam Grey




The upper segment of the Pinguin Carbon FL Foam is covered with carbon foil, which increases their stiffness and gives them an unmistakable futuristic look.

The lower stick segments are colored anodized. This finish makes the aluminum mechanically abrasion resistant and has increased weather resistance.

The individual segments of the Pinguin Carbon FL Foam telescopic poles are made of high-strength aluminum alloy 7075.

The tips are made of durable tungsten carbide and included in the pack are rubber tip tips to eliminate vibrations and unwanted noise on hard surfaces.

A pair of trekking and a few snow plates are supplied with the poles.

Trekking poles Pinguin Carbon FL Foam:

Weight 235 g
Pipe diameters 16/14/12 mm
EVA foam handle, long
Adjustable strap Yes
Fast Lock type
Baskets  38 mm, 53 mm