Tactil C50 Spike TSL


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Nordic Walking Staff TACTIL C50 Spike: The same features as the C50 Crossover TOUCH, but with a beveled tip and a removable Pad.


– Bimaterial handle
– Strap Magnetic System (S: 100,105,110 cm – L:> 110cm)
– 1 section 50% Carbon
– Tungsten beveled tip
– Accessories included: Touch Pads.
– Section material: 50% Carbon
– Dimensions: 100> 130 cm
– Weight: 165 g x 2 (115 cm)


– Thanks to its magical, playful and unique technology, fixing your glove to the cane is now a children’s game. It is no longer necessary to aim well to hook your glove to the cane: it is the cane that approaches you. Safe and locked, there is no risk that it will be released unexpectedly during the marches. Simply press on the top of the cane to get rid of it. The ergonomic glove will give you a true support, light, comfortable and precise. You will appreciate its breathable and comfortable fabrics, as well as its numerous reinforcements located around the glove, which contribute to an incredible recovery of strength and precise support.