Trek Alu 2M TSL





– Long EVA foam handle for walking down hill
– Adjustable ergonomic strap : Magnetic System
– 2 parts Aeronautical Aluminium
– External Lock System
– Tungsten tip
– Push & Pull System
– Crossovers
– Baskets Ø55
– Baskets Ø95.Specifications:
– Material parts: Aluminium
– Weight: 0.55 lbs x 2

– External tightening technology, offering excellent resistance under all atmospheric conditions, as well as a fast and sure adjustment of the poles.

– With its magical, magnetic, unique and easy to use technology, attaching the wrist strap to the pole is child?s play. Don´t worry about aiming at the pole; it?ll come straight to you. While you´re walking it is safely locked into place, so There is no danger of it slipping from your grasp. Finally, removing it is a breeze; just press the button and let go.
– The ergonomic wrist strap gives you a truly light, comfortable and accurate grip. You´ll love the comfortable, breathable fabric and the reinforced sides, giving you incredible support and pinpoint accuracy.

– Here at TSL, we love being immersed in nature, preserving it and respecting its deep silence. This is why we´ve developed this Crossover.
– The three main advantages to this model are its grip, silent contact and respect for trails and coastlines. Throughout your walk, it will adapt to the different terrains you encounter and ensure extraordinary grip and support. Each of the 8 crampons flex when they hit the ground, ensuring that you stick, grip and hug the ground as tightly as possible.

Push & Pull:
– A Patented system, for fast and easy basket mounting and removal. TSL offers 3 baskets, for better adaptation to all types of terrain : Summer (ø 55 mm) Winter (ø 95 mm) Powder (ø 130 mm).

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