Tango 8,5 mm 60 m Petzl




Tango 8.5 mm x 60 m from Petzl is a double rope specially designed for climbing on large rock itineraries.

The Tango 8.5 mm x 60 m can be used as a double rope for alternate splinting or as a twin string, passing the two strings together.

Its sleeve ratio makes it very durable and durable.

Its Ultrasonic Finish treatment fuses the soul and fuses it in the extremities, thus preventing the tip from opening with the use.

Folding ClimReady for not having to show it is not necessary a previous disappearance.

Marked in the middle Middle Mark to facilitate maneuvers.

The Tango 8.5 mm x 60 m has a very versatile diameter that facilitates its use with many assurance devices.

Diameter: 8.5 mm
Types of rope: (CE EN 892, UIAA): double rope and twin rope
Weight per meter: 47 g
Percentage of the case: 39%
Number of falls factor 1.77: 10 (double rope), 28 (twin rope)
Static elongation: 8.5% (double rope), 7% (twin rope)
Dynamic extension: 31% (double rope), 30% (twin rope)
Crash force: 6,6 kN (double rope), 9,9 kN (twin rope)
Construction: 48 spindles
Materials: polyamide.