The SELENA harness adapts to the female morphology. Intended for sport climbing, the harness is comfortable for climbing on the climbing wall and on the wall. The elastic legs remain tight and the belt, flexible and narrower in front, provides great freedom of movement. The four material rings offer enough space to carry the necessary equipment.

  • Adapted to the morphology of women:
    – More curvature in the belt to better support the lumbar area.
    – Distance legs-belt suitable for a better placement on the hips.
    – Relationship legs-waist contour adapted to female morphology.
  • It is comfortably worn:
    – Padded belt and leg.
    – Wide belt that offers a comfortable support.
    – Construction ENDOFRAME Technology that allows an excellent distribution of the load.
  • Great freedom of movement:
    – Flexible and narrower belt front.
    – Elastic leg bands that allow the harness to be held in place at all times.
    – Elastic leg bands and flexible binding straps that provide maximum mobility when traveling.
  • Ability to transport material:
    – Two material loops, front, rigid to facilitate the clipping and desmosquetoneo of the tapes.
    – Two material, rear, flexible rings that carry the material forward and are compatible with carrying the backpack on.
    – A rear ring for a lifting rope.

Materials: polyamide, polyester, EVA, polyurethane, aluminum and high tenacity polyethylene
Certifications: CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA
The harness is served with a carrying bag and protection


References C055AA00 C055AA01 C055AA02 C055AA03
Colors Spotted green Spotted green Spotted green Spotted green
Sice XS S M L
Contorno de cintura 65-71 cm 71-77 cm 77-84 cm 84-92 cm
Contorno de muslo 48-53 cm 52-57 cm 55-60 cm 57-62 cm
Weight 370 g 390 g 420 g 450 g
Waranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
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