Karts Rosca Qi’roc



The Karts with screw lock is a versatile symmetrical oval carabiner very suitable for practicing caving, canyoning and other activities

Karts symmetrical safety carabiner, with large opening and thread lock. Light weight and compact format for versatile use.

Designed for use with pulleys, fasteners, descenders, lanyards and countless auxiliary utilities, the Karts model stands out for being a really light and compact symmetrical safety carabiner with Keylock system. Its screw closure is very fine and it is quick to open and close.
Rough area on the closure to facilitate opening, even with wet hands.

technical details

Manufactured in hot forging and material A EL-7075.
Incorporates closure with Keylok system.
Individual performance test piece by piece made in Spain.
External measurements: 110 x 61 mm.
Weight: 71gr.CE A-12275, EN-362 25-7-7kN
Opening: 22mm.
Weight: 71g.
Maximum longitudinal force: 25kN.
Maximum transverse force: 8kN.
Maximum open force: 7kN.
Type: symmetrical.
Security: screw closure.
Ergonomic design.
Light and compact.

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