The security of this sport increases because it increases our ability to innovate and improve materials, but also the strategies or techniques used to overcome difficulties. This is the reason for publishing an updated basic manual: to provide basic knowledge to those who are starting out in this sport, to those who have a medium experience and want to progress in knowledge, and even to those who have taken time, but want to be updated.

For this we have had a team made up of the best ravine specialists in our country. This manual has come out of everyone’s experience, which attempts to unite all the currents and different sensibilities of modern canyoning related to an initial learning of this sports discipline: material, physical environment, progression, signs and signals, basic maneuvers and issues related to emergencies : Self-rescue techniques, first aid and emergency management.

ISBN: 9788498294699
Editorial: Ediciones Desnivel
Issue date: 2019
Place of edition: Madrid.
Edition number: 2nd
Binding: Rustic
Dimensions: 16.5 cm x 22 cm
Page Number: 224
Languages: Spanish

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