Visual tour of the peaks of Catalonia

Language: Catalan

Cims de Catalunya is a visual and playful journey through the main roofs of our country, from an unprecedented and evocative perspective.
Its two authors, Francesc Muntada and Jordi Lalueza, perfectly combine knowledge and love in the mountains, with the ability to grasp the essence and reflect masterfully. The first is done through photographs that show us particular and unknown views of each of the peaks, which inexorably invite you to visit them; the second, with texts rich in content, that give an updated view of the territory, away from the clichés and the conventionalisms.
From the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, through the pre-littoral and pre-Pyrenean mountain ranges, Cims de Catalunya offers an exhibition that, without trying to be exhaustive, manages to convey the variety of shapes and landscapes that make up our relief, shedding values ​​with sensitivity and realism. natural and cultural that give life and personality.

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