Kayak Rental

We offer the possibility to rent kayaks for hours or for days.

We have different kayaks to rent. We have different options for find the most appropriate material to you, for your experience and needs, for initiation, stable, maneuverable, sit on top, with more volume, faster, …

In our base in Ribes Roges, Vilanova’s beach, we have different rental equipment such as vests, paddle, towline, …

Cota Zero Nautical Base in Ribes Roges Beach: https://goo.gl/maps/18ET4SxuGYr

For rent, you must show and tell the identification number (DNI, NIE, ..) and number phone and sign the contract


  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt type Lycra or thermal t-shirt.
  • Cap, sunscreen and sunglasses (with restraint system).
  • Water, Drink.
  • Footwear suitable for water activities (fixed to the foot).


  • Know to swim.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • For Sea kayaks, demonstrate basic knowledge (Rescues …)
  • Comply the rules of use and safety of the service, following the instructions of the personnel, above all regarding the use at all times of the buoyancy aid, the number of places for each type of kayak and know the weather and sea conditions
  • Inform to the personnel of the center in case of suffering any disability or important pathology.
  • Respect the time of departure and arrival of the rental according.
  • If you don’t arrive in according time you can lose your reservation kayak
  • Sign the contract: Rental Conditions https://cota-zero.cat/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Condicions-lloguer.pdf

Cota Zero is not responsible for the possible consequences for the inappropriate use.

The rental service (without a guide) does not include Assistance insurance coverage

It is recommended not to carry valuables both in the rental service and guided tours. Cota Zero does not have the adequate structures to keep the personal material, for this reason Cota Zero is not responsible for possible losses or damages in the personal material.

DOUBLE Sit On Top KAYAK (three people can also be there)

Tribe 13.5 Mainstream
Length: 408cm Manga: 86cm
Load: 226kg Weight: 31kg


Tempest 170 Wilderness System
Length: 518cm Manga: 56cm
Load: 147kg Weight: 26kg


Tsunami 140 Wilderness Systems
Length: 427cm Manga: 61cm
Load: 136 Weight: 25kg


Zephyr Wilderness Systems
Length: 488cm Manga: 58cm
Load: 136kg Weight: 25kg

Material rental rates Kayak

Double Sit On Top Kayak

Single Sit On Top Kayak

Individual sea kayak

For the realization and transfer of material for rent, the following conditions must be accepted:

  • Know how to swim
  • Demonstrate the knowledge to be able to go kayak
  • Sign and deliver the following contract: Rental conditions
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