“Els Colls”, coves and cliffs

“Els Colls- Miralpeix” is an excursion where we will sail along the coast of Vilanova i Sitges. It is a small rocky area where vegetation reaches almost the sea where we will find diversity of coves, cliffs … and we can see cormorants and other animals and birds.

On a calm day we can go by coasting the tips, coves and cliffs almost touching the rock or passing through the rocks.

The excursion consists in following the different tips, Punta de las Cuevas, Punta Grossa, Punta Larga, … and the different coves and caves that we will find and discover during the excursion.

During the excursion we will take a stop in a cove to recover forces.

More information about the Colls area – Miralpeix at: http://www.collsmiralpeix.cat




    • Improve the technique of paddle and kayak driving.
    • Practice the contents and objectives of the courses.
    • Enjoy the views and physical activity with kayak.
    • Get to know and see the Colls-Miraelpex area from the sea.