One more year, we present the outdoor sports campus organized by “Cota Zero” and Amics de Cota Zero. On this campus, we open the doors to young people between 8 and 15 years old and we give the opportunity to learn and / or improve disciplines and passions such as sports.

From Cota Zero we want to offer and accompany all the young people to enjoy the summer experiencing experiences, sharing and acquiring values ​​and learning.

That is why the goals of the 2019 campus are:

Create an atmosphere where young people have fun, develop, relate and participate.
Foster socialization and enrichment with nature and sport.
Promote the values ​​and virtues of each minor in their development.
Promote activities with an educational content base (emotional and in values).
Promote participation and autonomy.
Acquire individual skills of healthy living.
Knowing the environment.
Boost the game.
The methodology we use is based on the fact that young people are the focus of activities and programming, facilitating their well-being and giving each one their recognition, their space and their voice.

The activities are programmed in such a way that we guarantee the acquisition of values, such as: the initiative, solidarity, teamwork, demand for help, acceptance, trust …

The activities that will help us achieve these goals are:

Sea kayak: Acquire the necessary knowledge to move with kayak on the water.
Surfing: Have you ever taken a wave on a surfboard? We will help you to learn!
Paddle surf: Balancing games, races and more!
Mountain guidance workshops: Accompanied by a compass and the map we will learn the basic techniques of mountain guidance.
Climbing at the climbing wall: climbing the walls, it’s always fun! At a climbing wall or in the wild we have to know how to place ourselves to climb up correctly and get tired of the minimum to be able to climb up.
Adventure / trekking: Hikes for the necks and for kids we are waiting for, where we will also apply the orientation.
Mountain bike: pedal on the beach, on the mountain and most importantly, with the companions!
Slackline: Balance is the basis of everything and slackline is a good way to practice it.


The campus will be held from June 25, 2019 and will end on August 2, 2019.

It will take place at the Cota Zero nautical base on Ribes Roges beach from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with reception service at Pia School from 7:45 p.m.

There is also a dining room

* It will be extendable for weeks during the month of August and the beginning of September until the beginning of the school provided there is a minimum of enrollment.

Prices starting at € 80 per week! Detailed information on the registration form!


Experience a different summer participating in the Cota Zero summer campus. Nature, sea, mountains, fun, friends and much more! You will not want to lose it.