Education at leisure

We believe in a comprehensive and integrating education. Comprehensive in everything that involves person and personality, and integrating in making these children be social beings, with all the skills to live the day to day.

Our training is integrated into the world of education. We have studies in biology, pedagogy, conducting physical-sports activities and in leisure, music and have collaborators licensed in psychology and pedagogy that support us to make the most dynamic and more educational projects.

Our training is deeply rooted in the world of relaxation, we have the qualifications of monitors and, before setting up the Cota Zero project, leisure education was already part of our lives.

We believe in what we do and know what we want to offer, we are a family business, we flee from the massification, we do not want to carry out many projects at the time, since this saves us time to have the contact we want to offer both the contractors of the services, such as monitors, children and parents. We like the contact with people to get involved in the project and that our work is not just an office. We want to go to the outings we can, meet weekly with coordinators and monitors and prepare the activities together. We want to have direct and personal contact with the entity that hires us the services, and once a week be established to be in the place where the activity is carried out in order to speak with the parents of the boys and girls that are registered.

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