Coves and cliffs

“The coasts of Garraf” is a high difficulty excursion in which you need to know and have some high sea kayaking knowledge, but that technique and knowledge are revealed in this journey, so this activity is only carried out With people with technical capacity and physical fitness, since it can be a long-term and committed journey.

The crossing will allow us to sail along the coast of Massis del Garraf, when it reaches the sea we can find spectacular cliffs, caves and coves; This mass is part of the Garraf Natural Park and the sea that touches it is declared Site of Community Importance (LIC) and Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA).

The starting point is Garraf beach or Ginesta beach and arrival in Sitges or Vilanova.

On the crossing we can enjoy the views and panoramic views of the town of Garraf and the different natural spaces that make up the Garraf Park coast, such as the Falconera, the main subterranean river of the Massif del Garraf and its homonymous cliff of 130 meters.

On the coast and its cliffs we can see the infrastructures and bridges that were built over a century ago by the train. Despite these infrastructures and, above all, due to its inaccessibility, we can find many birds such as cormorants, some hawks or staggered eagles, among other birds with more presence such as seagulls, sharks, silver-plated gulls …

This is a journey through planning to enjoy and practice what has been learned and practiced in the courses and also with security and family treatment as a flag, so they are done in small groups.




    • Improve the technique of paddle and kayak driving.
    • Practice the contents and objectives of the courses.

    • And start with security in the sea kayak.

    • Enjoy the views and intense physical activity in kayak.

    • Know and see the area of ​​the Coasts of Garraf from the sea.