When we talked with friends about what we did when we were little, we always commented that we played in the street, that it was never late, we were not in a hurry, we were all friends and if we were not we managed it in a moment without the parents getting in in the fight. We had cabins, magic trees and secret clubs. We played with sticks, with wooden cars, with stones … Everything was magical. We had time and imagination, the summers were ours. We played in the street, we went to the pool or the river … but, what now? Now there are cars everywhere, the spaces to play are few, and the big ones do not want the boys and girls to go out on the street so that they can find “bad things”. The children do extracurricular activities, with four years they speak a little English, and we want them to control the computer. There is no time to lose. They must learn useful things.
We want to make the children’s free time a time to learn, but without realizing that they are doing it, we want to make the leisure space a space to live together, where to share, where to acquire values ​​and healthy habits that help them To be formed where to travel does not mean to move but to make the imagination fly. This and many other things is what drives us to move forward. We believe in a comprehensive and integrative education. Integral in everything that involves the person and personality, and integrating in making these children social beings, with all the skills to live day to day.
Our training is deeply rooted in the world of entertainment, we have the qualifications of monitors and before launching the project education in free time was already part of our lives. We believe in what we do and we know what we want to offer, we flee from overcrowding.


The reception service is the first one that the children of the house see, that’s why we want to take care of this space. The children come strength asleep and with little desire to be “bothered”. The first thing that is done is to give them breakfast and then they give a whole range of activities that can make the time the service lasts. Some of the activities that are done during this time are:
– Drawing and painting (can be with photocopies of drawings made or that they do from the beginning they / them)

– Playroom games (ludo, cards, dominoes, memori)

– Crafts directed by the monitors

– Games in the yard (usually the last strip, shortly before the boys and girls of the house arrive)

At the reception service there is always the coordinator to provide information to the parents and to establish the link with the monitors of the group to which the children who use the service belong.


The dining room service is coordinated by Amigos de Cota cero and carried out by the monitors of the center. The dining room is an important part of the daily rhythm of the house. There are many children who use this service and this must have continuity with what is being worked on throughout the school year. What we have set out to work on is the following: Help children to acquire correct habits and attitudes in the dining room. Get them to know or remember the name of the food.
Teach how to properly use cutlery, if applicable. Habituar children to keep the table clean, without sprinkling food. Try to feel that they are maintaining a correct posture at the table. Have a correct attitude at the table and speak with a moderate tone of voice.
From the moment they have finished eating until 3:00 pm, the children of the house will do recreational activities directed by monitors.

These activities will take place indoors or in shadow spaces. Material and space will be provided to children who nap.
The pick up time of the children is at 3:00 pm, in exceptional cases and previously speaking with the parents / guardians, they can be picked up beforehand.