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We are a company dedicated to the sale mountain clothes and technician mountain material; in Cota Zero you can find the best brands and the best quality.

We also dedicate to outdoor activities, we perform sea kayaking, SUP (Paddle Surf), hiking, canyoning,…

We are guides that make us feel passionate about our work, and the environment where we develop the activities.

Cota Zero offers kayak activities in Garraf and also Paddle Surf, hiking, … in close areas like Montserrat, Pyrenees, … our activities are designed to be adapted to all levels and ages, for families, groups, experienced, … Ask for the activities and surely we can help you!

In aquatic activities, Sup or Kayak we perform trips and courses of different levels. Initiation courses, tecnification, advanced techniques, specific courses, … as well as in the outings that we also make of different levels adapted to the participants, family, initiation trips like the Colls-miralpeix, Sitges marine front, Vilanova marine front, on the coasts of Garraf, Platja Llarga, ..

The activities are adaptable to everyone, depending on the needs of our customers.

We want the participants to discover the area where we develop, in the activities we also perform an interpretation of the environment where the activity is developed depending the duration, we talk about flora, fauna, history, beaches, cliffs, caves,

We do the activities thinking to respect the nature, we want to minimizing the impact our activity, we want contribute to conservation and focusing on the importance of making a good use, sustainable and responsible, to be able to live and enjoy of nature

In the different activities we will learn to practice these sports (kayak, SUP) and we will help improve paddle techniques and safely.

In the activities we offer the necessary tools and materials, adapted to the level of the participants, to help and to enjoy the maximum of the activity, and we want it to be in a dynamic and fun way.


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